Fitness Coaching

Why is Fitness Coaching Important? 

A study conducted by ACE (American Council on Exercise) found that individuals who participated in fitness coaching sessions were less likely to be sedentary throughout their day. They were also more likely to adhere to a fitness and wellness program.


What are the Sessions About? 

They are tailored to you! We can cover various topics such as nutrition, strength training, cardiovascular training, equipment questions, program design, etc. The topic of each session is up to you!


How Much Will This Cost Me?
NOTHING! It is absolutely FREE to all members!


Is 20-30 Minutes Once Per Month Really Going to Make Any Difference?
YES! Studies have shown that when individuals feel that they are “answering to someone,” they are more likely to adhere to a program. By setting up a monthly Fitness Coaching session, you will be “answering” to your fitness coach.

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